Flexible & Efficient HVAC Systems

Unico manufactures small duct, high-velocity, central heating and air conditioning systems that are easily installed, provide maximum comfort, and emphasize energy savings. With ductwork one-fourth the size of traditional ductwork, The Unico System effortlessly weaves through ceilings, floors, and wall cavities, all without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the building.  Unico’s cooling coils are able to greatly reduce the humidity present in a space as a result of a high temperature differential across the coils.  Lower humidity means higher temperatures feel more comfortable, allowing for a thermostat to be set higher and energy savings as a result. BTU Reps is considered the strongest HVAC representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing Unico’s line of small duct systems.  We are your source for A/C system sizing and quoting and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.