Smart Refrigeration Controllers

KE2 ThermSolutions develops and manufactures “smart” refrigeration controllers designed to reduce energy costs, increase efficiency, as well as maintain a stable environment. KE2 controllers are widely used by restaurants to reduce frost build-up in freezers, extending the life of their products. In addition, KE2 controllers provide extensive data, allowing users to fine tune settings to fit their needs.  For example, the advanced KE2 Controlled Environment provides precise control of both termperature and humidity, preserving product integrity, reducing spoilage, and preventing shrinkage.  Founded on refrigeration, BTU Reps is considered the strongest refrigeration representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing KE2 Thermsolutions’ line of refrigeration controls.  We are your source for refrigeration system sizing and quoting and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

KE2 Controllers

KE2 Temp + Defrost
KE2 Evaporator Efficiency
KE2 Temp + Valve Control
KE2 Evaporator for Rack Efficiency
KE2 Low Temp + Defrost
KE2 Contemporary Controller
KE2 Adaptive Control
KE2 Fan Control