Quality HVAC Accessories 

HMAX carries various high quality HVAC accessories, including line sets, duct systems, brackets, supports, drains, and condensate pumps.  HMAX’s line of ISOCLIMA line sets are the preferred choice of HVAC professionals for mini-split, residential unitary, heat pump, and light commercial installations.  The tough white sheathing is UV resistant, stands up to the heat from brazing, and is able to withstand abrasion.  HMAX’s line of NICE Duct Systems provide a safe and compact covering for line sets, drain lines, and control cables.  The shockproof rigid PVC the system is constructed from is stabilized against UV rays, and can withstand temperatures up to 160° F.  BTU Reps is considered the strongest supply and tool representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing HMAX’s line of HVAC accessories.  We are your source for supply and tool information and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

Line Sets, Covers, & Other Accessories

NICE Duct Systems Line Hide
Brackets, Supports & Drains
GOTEC Condensate Pumps