Vibration Elimination Products

Vibration Management Corporation, or Vimco for short, manufactures vibration, shock, and noise control products for HVAC, industrial, and accoustic applications.  Their rubber-in-shear mounts use a ozone and water resistant elastomer for durability, and embedded steel plates to ensure uniform loading.  Combination Neo-spring hangers use a powder coated steel bracket and a load distribution steel washer to provide a high deflection, and low natural frequency.  Vimco’s vibration isolation pads are simple to install, and can be used in outdoor applications as a result of the stable elastomer used in their construction.  BTU Reps is considered the strongest supply and tool representative in the southeast and proudly enjoys representing Vimco’s vibration management products.  We are your source for supply and tool information and proudly offer access to this product and inventory throughout the state of Florida.

Mounts, Hangers, & Pads

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